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Nokoko`s Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day program (for the couple of two home Guoqingrenjie the):

    Valentine's Day is the most important is that the two people together is too sweet, happy moments. If two people have a separate residence, you can consider this package, away from the bustle of the crowd, to spend a romantic Valentine's Day.
Specific programs are as follows:
Morning procurement of raw materials, clean the room; flowers, of course, is essential decorative materials, the main designer hostess.
2, at noon and in the afternoon, with two people making love chocolate (cake) and dinner; online method of making a lot of cake or chocolate, two people side of the the clumsy cute intentions according to production methods while making love the taste of the air will be distributed.
Night candlelight dinner: two key elements Clank fans of the "fruit" and "Tarzan big secret Wishing bottle". Essential elements of music and candles.
Fruit Clank fans "must buy all kinds of lovely and delicious fruit knife incision, which can be stuffed under a small piece of paper, write down a small piece of paper inside the inside want to say to each other, or each other to find do, hidden inside the house, let the other side to find to see who is looking for more.
"Tarzan secret Wishing bottle is ready in advance a vow bottle, the same day, two people make a wish written on the inside, and let the other side know the bottle sealed. Once two people have the opportunity to Taishan tourism, buried in one of only two people know a secret place, and so the desire to achieve, then Taishan votive. Course, Yuanwang some skills Oh, to be the kind of better years of hard work to achieve the desire.
4, postprandial movie
(Materials need to be prepared in advance: flowers, chocolate, colored jelly beans, biscuits, candles, cardboard, all kinds of fruit, Wishing bottle, music, movie)
    How, a fairly beautiful Valentine's Day, right?

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