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 1.Keep the water clean: daily water changes, daily scissors roots exposed a new crop. Place soaked in water to remove excess leaves.

2. Sectional burns law: a cross-sectional: Cross sectional woody plants, the site of the flower pin, the m word or split smashing, to expand the absorbent area. Incision burn: Poinsettia shear flow white pulp, if not stopped, flowers soon will corrupt, and should be burned in the fire, to prevent back-flow of nutrients, rose, plum, peony, lilac, also suitable for this method.
Hot: squid soaked in hot water for a while, which will help absorb water and sterilization, anti-corrosion. Usually about 30 seconds in hot water (80 degrees). Gladiolus, tuberose, dahlia, chrysanthemum, gerbera, carnation suitable.
3. Water shear Law: (also known as deep-water maneuver)
Dehydrated squid cut in water the root, the use of deep-water high water pressure and air in water catheter blockage principle dehydrated squid to restore. Note: After pruning, let squid in water absorbing enough water for 15-20 minutes in order to come up with the water.
4. Sterilization method:
Alcohol, of KMnO4, camphor, boric acid, citric acid, salt, alum and are placed in the water can play a bactericidal use only the water does not rot, preservation of the plant to water absorption. Note: Be sure to match the solution and then with, not without melting for solution directly into the water, salt attention concentration is not too large.
5 nutritional Law:
Flowers cut from the mother to lose a source of nutrition, sugar, beer, aspirin, vitamin C, and other types of nutrients can be added.
Spray body, injection method:
Many hollow stems of flowers flower pin parts under the tap forced irrigation appearance.
7 away from reminders hot agent _ ethylene:
Away from vegetables and fruits, because they would release large amounts of ethylene, flowers decay, and at the same time. Decline of floral timely cleanup.
Away from direct sunlight in summer, winter away from the outlet.
9 cling temperature:
The ordinary flowers about 5 degrees, tropical flowers 10-12 degrees.
[Burning coke law] squid end (such as ivory, red) on the candle flame head charred, or what solution dipped one minute into the, then rinse clean. Using this method, the to prolong flower arrangement period of about 15 days.
[The deepwater first aid] found flowers due to lack of moisture, the flower head drooping, the end of a short first cut squid, squid base invested filled with cold water in the container, leaving only the flower head in the water outside, about one or two hours after The flowers will be revived.
The [the broken branches Act] for some brittle rachis flowers selected squid used to plug the bottle, use the handle break it. Such pedicels not under pressure, the catheter remained normal, easy to absorb moisture.
[End crushed law] will be about the the pedicel end (about an inch) crushed, water absorption area is expanding. General woody squid, such as magnolia, hydrangea, lilac, peony. Wisteria, etc., so that this method can be a lot of
[The fresh flowers agent] in flower arrangements solution plus the right amount of chemicals, the use of want that inhibits squid, extend the shelf time. If one is to buy preservative, available potassium permanganate aqueous solution antisepsis of 1/4000 or 1/3000 solution with aspirin preparation of simple preservative also can extend the flowering period three to five days.
Such a group of formula: 500ml clear 500ml the HEDY or Sprite soda (white soft drinks, not black Songsha cola), 1 ml of bleach water about 1 liter minimum weekly change. According to historical records, the effect of the above experiment as much as the market preservation solution, cut flowers and buy a home should trim a large section, because the air has entered the vascular bundles in more than a dozen centimeters deep, very ruthless cut ten several centimeters, can be put in a week. Other cut flowers on the water to be trimmed, but pruning shears in the water, or air into the vascular bundles, would prevent transpiration under flowers dying head.

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