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The calla lily the Four Seasons flowering Important the Nokoko flowers Mall Special supply!

 Calla alias arrowhead flowers, wild taro, the same as weekday morning spent in the beginning of November, a series of open until May of the following year, in March, April, the flowering stage, but if mediation is appropriate, but also it can be four seasons floweringdetailed steps are as follows:

    Calla Development optimum temperature to 10 ℃ -25 ℃, in the period from March to October every year, such as temperature moderation in your 20 ℃, absolute humidity of 85%, can be done in the meantime month flowers. Night room temperature can be maintained above 10 ℃ can develop even in the summer, flowering; summer low and high temperature in summer, before the formation of plant dormancy or lush. The death of the 0 ℃ roots will freeze. Keep warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable temperature, is one of the prerequisites of the bloom all year round tension.
    Pentu loam, peat, coarse sand each culture soil, coupled with excessive bone meal, manure, superphosphate dubbed appropriate. During the growing period should be a half time dressing, avoid fertilizer solution is poured into the petiole the nutrients development Sheng should be timely Alhagi, in order to facilitate the pedicel extraction. Growing season, in addition to maintaining the wealthy moisture early in the evening should be to the adjacent air spray water to increase the humidity of the atmosphere. Calla also be water for normal flowering water for seedling development without fertilization.
    Autumn, winter and spring quarters, if the light is not enough, only smoke bud without flowering, so that the bud slowly turns green to wilting, the summer sun is too intense burning, should be taken to avoid glare pace, otherwise prone to yellowing or wilting leaves.

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