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 The tulips need the sanction of the high temperature treatment of certain work in their stems lost fully developed talent to blossom. In a normal winter high temperature processing sanction tulip bulbs can make it early flowering, this art is called "to promote the planting, differences in processing punishment can make it blossom between December to February next year. Bulbs have to first of all differences the work transition temperature processing sanctions, sanctions and then the beginning of cold treatment. The temperature of the transition temperature refers to the flowers have been fully developed without a break to the beginning of the cold treatment action, the effort depends on the type of punishment transition temperature processing takes 2-8 weeks, the same as weekdays. 20 ℃ is the the best transition temperature, it spent the moral development of the root system has a good probation. Dry bulbs before planting well with high temperature treatment process to dispose of some efforts to sanction process called cold treatment. Usual the China imported tulip bulbs tension two series: 9 ° C treatment sanctions and 5 ° C treatment disposition bulbs. Held in the high-temperature cold treatment sanction of probation: the stems shorter, larger flowers, buds and faster root development, flower blast less.

    Tulip bulbs handle sanction process, will be able to select the species differences in handling sanction ball organized by planting the above example detailed introduction to the art of planting tulip bulbs to 9 ° C treatment disposition. The source of the bulbs and the preparation of the tulip bulbs and more imports from the Netherlands, October necessary to choose a good species types and timely recovery of the purchase order. The end of October or early November, receipt, temporary receipt after bulbs at 5 ° C storage room.
    Nursery plot preparation greenhouse loam, peat, Tuza Fei proportion of 4:1:1 and stir well spread out raking your 10 cm in thickness, the following covered with a layer of about 5-7 cm thick rough sand. Strip nursery plot width are not in the habit of three meters higher, so that the prior management. 10-15 days before harvest of nursery plot sterilization processing punishment, the same application of methyl bromide on weekdays held on soil disinfection, organizing processing sanction or fumigants.
    Harvest work weekdays between 15 November to 15 December, because rooting the title and deep moral, Dec. 15 currently do not planting. Pre-harvest species Ball skinned, then held disinfected punishment. 0.2% carbendazim or 0.5% aqueous solution of potassium permanganate soaking for 10-15 minutes, then soaked in water for 5-10 minutes, remove and dry immediately after harvest. Harvest density of 812 cm, and the depth of the top of the bulb, covering approximately 1-2 cm. Immediately after planting, irrigation, to prevent the kinds of ball boring dehydration.
    Post-harvest management to maintain soil moisture, dehydration prevention bulb boring. A timely manner because of the kinds of ball from the new plant root development is top of the sand layer back to the sand layer. Erase the lateral buds. Greenhouse moderation within the day and night temperature between 12 ℃ to 22 ℃, absolute humidity is 80% higher. Greenhouse demand ventilation. The development of the bulbs and the greenhouse temperature, humidity, etc. have meticulous records.
    Disease and moderation
    1. Cataplexy flower stem or plant lodging. The reason is the absolute humidity inside the greenhouse is too high, or the kinds of ball rooting bad, the water draw engrave and eliminating due. The restraint methods: in management do not have a high temperature is too low, do not allow rapid development of animals at a low temperature, normal guarantee Root, curb the absolute humidity is too high (greater than 80%).
    2. Blind bud flower bud dehydration, petals remain green, white tip, stamens and pistil litter, not full open flowers. The reason is punishment enough cold treatment, storage and transit temperature is too high, too high absolute humidity in the greenhouse, the inaccurate watering method incurring roots infarction. The restraint method should beware of the above phenomenon: in every crucial bred happen.
    3 the root rot minor infection partial root erosion, severe infections will incur flowers wilting. The infected roots weekdays into a wax-like, soil and surrounding the roots become brown, with the end of the whole root system have become brown. Pythium infection. Restraint methods: soil before planting held disinfected action. Re-infected bulbs should be promptly withdrawn. To ensure that greenhouse soil with good soil planning and drainage systems. Two weeks before planting, to ensure that the greenhouse temperature of 10 ℃ or 10 ℃.
    Soft rot late infected bulbs become soft, pink Scarlet and the release of a special atmosphere; performance of pre-dyed soft rot plant development curb, tip yellow flowers dehydration phenomenon. The reason in infected Pythium. Restraint method: planting bulbs held before the full sterilization processing punishment and soil held disinfected action. To ensure that greenhouse soil with good soil planning and drainage systems. Time to clean the infected plants, and the the soil disinfection punishment infected.
    Rendered water-soaked green spots. Burns on the flowers and leaves, and slowly become white or brown spots, the crack may be incurred when the plants are not developed or obstruct flowering. The grape mildew infection. Restraint method: pre-plant removal has contaminated bulbs, and soil organize disinfected action. Infected soil to take the the conventional sterilization punishment. Planting, keep the leaves dry, especially at night. Preferably indirect water to the soil.

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